The Doc is back!

In response to the THOUSANDS of Doc Splatter fans who have been rabidly insisting that he return to the world — I’m pleased to announce that the Doc is back! I was able to negotiate with the Doc, creator and author of the cult hit The Gore Score – Advice Column of the Supernatural, to rerun his old strips.

But there was one condition — they had to be digitally remastered. You see, when The Gore Score originally ran, they were analog and the master files were destroyed. There are only old, scratchy copies of the originals, and that just won’t do. And since it takes a lot of time to carefully restore the 15-year-old comics, they’ll be showing up on an irregular basis. Maybe one a week, maybe one a month. I’ll let you know when there’s a new one online. And with digital remastering, we might get to see anything from color (!) to Greedo shooting first!

So without further ado, Doc Splatter!

Happy Halloween, freaks!


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