Tweet! I’m in the Pop Candy Twitter Comics debut issue!

I’m one of 10 indy cartoonists hand-picked by the charming and delightful Whitney Matheson for her first-ever Pop Candy Twitter Comics! You know her love for pop culture from reading her popular USAToday’s Pop Candy blog, and she had this idea to make comics out of some of her weirder Twitter tweets. Saturday evening she held a San Diego Comic-Con Meetup at the Marriott and unveiled this accordion-style mini-comic to all attendees who RSVP’d.

Didn’t make it? See the comic and all the cartoons here!

  1. Cammie says:

    I like yours and Matt Siladay’s the best!

  2. Hannah says:

    Tron Guy was just on America’s Got Talent or some crap show like that. You did him a favor!


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