Bill Wiffle — the inventor of the “Bill Ball”

Bill Wiffle — the inventor of the “Bill Ball”Feb 19, 2010

Show of hands — who knew Taco Bell was named after Glen Bell Jr.?


  1. Wait? What was that subplot all about? I’m confused?

  2. Fred Gates says:

    OOO! OOO! I knew about Glen Bell and his vegetarian ranch and gardens in Valley Center, north east of San Diego near Escondido.

  3. I knew! I knew! But then again, I still read newspapers…

  4. Leslie says:

    I did know. But only after I read it in the newspaper. Vegetarian ranch???? But…

  5. Kenoyer says:

    Okay smartie, explain what a Naugle is then! Glen Bell, Ha! Swear they don’t tell the kids that during orientation!

  6. SKleefeld says:

    And yet McDonald’s was founded by a guy named Ray Kroc. Weird

  7. Mr. RainTown says:

    I’m still trying to find the Taco Bell logo you spent three hours drawing. What’s the ROI on that?

  8. Our Man Horn says:

    @MrHoisington: Hang in there! @Fred, Charles, Leslie & Sean: That’s because you’re all part of the secret fast food brain trust illuminati! @Kenoyer: I think the “naugle” is the connective tissue that holds the prostate in place. @Mr. RainTown: Well, it’s on her hat, third panel. It was more like 3 hours, 45 minutes. And you can’t put a price on my attention to detail! =:^)


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