Cool Jerk on MTV? Read on…

I’m gobsmacked! Long-time Cool Jerk reader and comics journalist Sean Kleefeld wrote an article about yours truly on one of his comics blogs — Kleefeld on Webcomics — for MTV Geek. It took me 100% by surprise! Sean did a terrific job in his research and I couldn’t find a single inaccuracy anywhere (not a slight on Sean, but rather that there are oft-times inaccuracies on the Internet).

Sean and I kinda go way back. He used to curate the premier Fantastic Four online database and information repository, and may be the one person (not employed by Marvel) who knows more about the FF than me. He’s one of the architects behind the Marvel Chronology Project — a dizzying, online guide to Marvel characters and their myriad appearances in Marvel Comics. He’s also a frequent contributor to the Jack Kirby Collector (we worked together on a Big Barda piece in 2007) and has a book you should purchase. He was the first to order Hodabeast and in 2009 he even wrote about Darlene’s and my wedding!

Go check out the article— it talks a lot about webcomics and economics i.e. how cartoonists turn a buck while offering their content online for free.

Thanks again, Sean, and MTV!

  1. SKleefeld says:

    The way I figure it, what’s the use of writing for MTV if you can’t give a shout-out to your compadres now and then? Alan Hunter used to do that all the time. Or am I thinking of Toby Radloff? ;)

    But sometime you’ll have to point out to me some of these inaccuracies that you’ve found on the Internet. I’ve never heard of such a thing!

  2. kathy says:

    yay! nice!

  3. The Joe says:

    Pretty cool, jerk! Now if only Adult Swim were to take notice!

  4. BuzzKiller says:

    Awesome! They (MTV or its parent company) needs to delve into Cool Jerk and explore animation possibilities.


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