DOCtoberFest 2011 in the can

Everyone knows October is Doc Splatter’s favorite month, and each year he celebrates DOCtoberFest with brand-new Gore Score comics. Subscribers to the weekly Cool Jerk emailer have been kept abreast of The Doc’s weekly shenanigans. But I know many people visit the home page yet don’t (yet) subscribe to the weekly Cool Jerk emailer, so I figure I should pop all the new strips onto the blog. Just click on a strip and it’ll take you to the appropriate page.

Do zombies poop?

The Doc gets schooled! (Actual letter!)

Ode to Adrienne Barbeau and her 1980s perm!

Doc Splatter put it to a vote— who’s the reigning Queen of Darkness?? (Actual letter!)

The votes come in, we have a pair of winners!

And, of course, you can get a signed copy of his book here!

  1. Alan B. says:

    Fun month of strips! BUT– The Doc needs to show up more often than each October. Just sawin.’

  2. Jasonbot M32 says:

    Good series of strips! I loves the boobies, so each one was right in my wheel house (even the Maleficient one)!

  3. Dave88 says:

    Your Elvira drawings slay me.

  4. El Guapo says:


  5. kaufenhaus says:

    Yay more Doc!!


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