I don’t know which is worse…

I don’t know which is worse…Apr 27, 2012

…but they’re each 3x creepier than the magazine itself.

DISCLAIMER! I don’t know what the founder(s) of Girls and Corpses looks like. If I’m close, it’s pure coincidence!


  1. KeithG says:

    Angry hairy man in glasses is really angry. Don’t take his special interest magazine away.

  2. I… I got nuthin’.

  3. R. Horn says:

    Nothing positive to say…

  4. Our Man Horn says:

    @KeithG: LOL what’s funny is that he’s kinda based on a guy from college we nicknamed “little hairy man.”

    @Charlie @R.: Ditto!

  5. Bavarian Erin says:

    Whelp, I know what I’m getting you a subscription to for your bris!


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