DOCtoberFest 2013 recap!

Happy Halloween, darlings!

Everyone knows October is Doc Splatter’s favorite month, and each year he celebrates DOCtoberFest with brand-new Gore Score comics. Subscribers to the Cool Jerk emailer have been kept abreast of The Doc’s weekly shenanigans. But I know many people visit the home page yet don’t (yet) subscribe to the Cool Jerk emailer, so I figure I should pop all the new strips onto the blog. Just click on a strip and it’ll take you to the appropriate page.

Silent but deadly!

Face facts: you’re fugly!

Too much pussy (cat) action!

They’re Unspeakably Delicious!

Remember, kids— write The Doc and if he uses your letter, you get a goodie! And, of course, you can get a signed copy of his book here!

  1. JaySin says:

    DOC SPLATTER RULES!!!! *fart* But seriously, these are killer.

  2. Hogan says:

    Why aren’t we seeing this strip in Fangoria (or at least Girls and Corpses)??

  3. Barbara Pitts says:

    Oh, Doc. You’re a freakish person who likes to spin freaks and nut jobs and jerks into a frenzy.

  4. deadpool28 says:

    I always forget about DoctoberFest. But when I remember, it’s like Halloween all over again!

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