Armpit and Puppy, as they appeared in 1987. He had torn shirt sleeves and she always wore a bikini. Note the lines were drawn with a pen, and I had the highlights on Armpit’s sunglasses act as gleams, not eyes. The debut of Goremonger (with Bubba the knife) from 1988. Also seen are Foxie Fizgig (Puppy’s sister) and Maggot. That semester I started using a brush and 4 pt. panel borders.
Armpit and Chippie from 1990. Note how the gleams became Armpit’s eyes, and tank tops replaced the torn-sleeve look. Chippie soon got a make-over, too (see right). Maggot, Armpit and Chippie, as they appeared in the last panel published by the Sagebrush, April 1990. I finished the storyline but it was never published.

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