Cool Jerk at the Comic-Con

Hello, everyone!

Last mailer I said I would have a treat for you, and boy howdy look what I have for ya!

<> Eyeball-poppin’ color Cool Jerk strip, starring Manhattan!
<> 20 new pages in the morgue!
<> Finally! By popular demand! Get your Puppy thong at the online store!

This week I’m going to be hanging at the 34th-annual San Diego Comic-Con International, the largest comic-and-popular-arts convention in the world. Yeah, yeah… I’ve been doing that every summer since 1983. But what makes this year different is that I’m gonna be behind the table, instead of in front.

With subtle encouragement from my gal Darlene, close friends, fellow cartoonists (you reading this, Mr. Notley? Mr. Jantze? Mr. Asmussen? Mr. Breen?), the voices in my head and the poltergeist who lives in my Subaru, I’m making Cool Jerk known to the world at large.

I haven’t really been promoting my strip, other than giving out the occasional t-shirt or sticker here and there. But all that’s changing. I’m hoping that a few hundred thousand people will become aware of Cool Jerk this week, and maybe cool things will happen.

I’ll fill you in next week on all the details. Maybe Erin Gray will take me out to dinner this year!

Remember: The only reasons you shouldn’t be going to the ‘Con this Thursday is if you’re in jail or if you’re dead. AND IF YOU’RE IN JAIL, BREAK OUT!

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