Off to see the Wizard (#161)

Any of you read Wizard magazine? You know, Wizard – The Guide to Comics? Well, if you go RIGHT NOW and pick up the current issue, which is #161 (easily visible on the spine of the magazine), you’ll see something swell by Our Man Horn! No, it isn’t Cool Jerk-related, but it is a two-page spread on the X-Men’s Danger Room! If you already have your Wizard — and I know a lot of you CJ subscribers are into comics — just turn to pages 30-31! The folks at Wizard were pretty happy with this gig so there may be more “Hornographic” projects like this in the future. I’ll keep you all posted!

(note: Wizard is available at most any newsstand or bookstore, in case you’re hesitant to venture into your local comics shop)

  1. Wendy Robbie says:

    That’s so weird! I remember seeing this in Wizard a few years ago. So cool!

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