Mmm mmm mmm. Spendy.

Mmm mmm mmm. Spendy.May 25, 2005

I know they’ve recently knocked back some prices, but in 2005…!


  1. I didn’t know I can get loans from Quiznos. :D

  2. Darlene says:

    It’s preposterous that they each order a separate drink.

    Come on! One cup, two straws — that how *you and I* do it. Duh.

  3. B Miller says:

    Heh, I used to work there as a high school job, and that is how it felt ringing up people’s orders.

  4. Sam says:

    Wow…and to think I was going to have a sandwich for lunch? Yikes!

  5. KeithG says:

    Dude, The 2 for 5 deal. Small Ceasar chicken salad and a Turkey pesto bullet. $5.36.
    YOU DON”T GOTTA BREAK THE BANK YO! and it’s pretty good too.


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