SDCCI Preview Night

Hello, all!

The San Diego Comic-Con International Preview Night went off without a hitch… EXCEPT… remember that cool freebee item I was mentioning in the mailers the past couple of weeks? The items that were supposed to arrive last week? Well, I called the distributor and they shipped TODAY. And UPS Ground at that. So all the cool freebees for you folks are going to show up at Cool Jerk’s corporate headquarters next Tuesday. I’m bent. So, I have a Plan B — I can either get a mailing address from all of you subscribers who come by my table and I’ll mail it out next week, OR I can whip out the pencil and sketch something for you. The freebee is really cool (allegedly) and every subscriber who stopped by is excited to hear about it. But a sketch is infinitely more valuable in the long run. Your call!

ITEM! On the way to the ‘Con tomorrow (Thursday), be sure to pick up The San Diego Union-Tribune. You’ll see a full-page Cool Jerk strip in the Night&Day section. Read it there first, BEFORE I publish it online!


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