Internal monologue > external dialogue

Internal monologue > external dialogueOct 4, 2013

How much are them internets? Are they sold out?


  1. Mendez says:

    I totally hear the Roscoe P. Coltrane “Gew gew gew gew!” laugh when I read this.

  2. Darth Buttface says:

    I swear I want to firehose half the jury selection pool every time I get a summons.

  3. Courtney Hanson says:

    This doesn’t read as internal monologue to me at all; it reads as someone speaking aloud, but “to herself”, i.e. in an undertone, maybe muttering, not apparently directed at anybody else.

  4. Keith Garcia says:

    Yep. The man fitting that description had the last name, “Figgus”. He looked like he lived in a record store back in 1985. He fell asleep and snored loud enough to make me think that the drunk tank and jury pool were combined do to cut backs.


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