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Machine of Death (and I) conquer Glenn Beck

Folks. I wouldn’t mention Glenn Beck on my site unless there was a really good reason.

ISBN 978-0-9821-6712-0

A few months ago I was hired to illustrate a short story in Machine of Death — a sci-fi anthology about a machine that can predict your exact cause of death — by my friend, colleague and secret mentor David Malki ! (of Wondermark fame). He and co-authors/editors Ryan North and Matthew Bennardo swore me to secrecy (regarding my involvement, artwork, etc.) until the book was officially released. And when it dropped a few weeks ago, they orchestrated a campaign to have as many people buy Machine of Death from on Oct. 26.

Booyah! Cartoonists FTW! Suck it, Glenn Beck!

And it worked. It not only became the Top Seller for the day and longer, but it also kept Glenn Beck’s book from doing the same. Chris Sims’ Invincible Super-Blog has a write-up on this event here.

I mentioned this on Facebook and Twitter when history was being made, but since I was just informed that the book is going international with foreign translations, I figured I’d post this to my site.

Needless to say, I recommend the book. Go find it at your local brick-and-mortar bookstore or favorite online bookseller.

Off to see the Wizard (#161)

Any of you read Wizard magazine? You know, Wizard – The Guide to Comics? Well, if you go RIGHT NOW and pick up the current issue, which is #161 (easily visible on the spine of the magazine), you’ll see something swell by Our Man Horn! No, it isn’t Cool Jerk-related, but it is a two-page spread on the X-Men’s Danger Room! If you already have your Wizard — and I know a lot of you CJ subscribers are into comics — just turn to pages 30-31! The folks at Wizard were pretty happy with this gig so there may be more “Hornographic” projects like this in the future. I’ll keep you all posted!

(note: Wizard is available at most any newsstand or bookstore, in case you’re hesitant to venture into your local comics shop)

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