Club NeoNov 23, 1991

(click it to extended dance remix-size it!)

Alas, I wish the teen night club I used to work at (in high school) was 1/10th as cool. It was like getting my face kicked EVERY NIGHT.


  1. timTech says:

    When I worked for Gannett News Inc., it was very obvious that many reporters did this at venues. I actually watched this happen when all a college of mine got was negative feedback about Kings of Leon. She was a fan, no one she talked to was – and she was determined to find someone who had something positive to say about them than write a negative piece.

  2. Our Man Horn says:

    @timTech: Gannett REPRESENT! *News 2000 hand sign/fist bump* I have a friend who overtly and vocally HATES Comic-Con, yet still gets assigned to report on it every year.

  3. timTech says:

    worst interview I ever did was with Miley Cyrus.


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