Rinse out, toothpaste!

Rinse out, toothpaste!Jan 29, 1994

Back when Kurt Cobain was still alive….


  1. Dave Gahan's stunt codpiece says:

    Depending upon the kind of package you purchase, you might discover the same results that you would using the dental professional. Of course, the teeth whitening kits have a lot lower fee.

  2. Dave Gahan's stunt codpiece says:

    Have you ever browsed the many the teeth whitening packages that are available about the market? If so, have you given much thought to purchasing among these packages? For those with yellowed and stained teeth, it would most likely be a wise choice to make this type of buy.

  3. David Gahan's stunt codpiece says:

    The Rembrandt teeth whitening is among the primary players in the laser teeth whitening market with the teeth whitening gel being activated by a plasma arc light. Rembrandt laser whitening has been seen to deliver powerful results with teeth being brightened by 8-10 shades.

  4. Davis Gahan's stunt codpiece says:

    The two principal reasons that most of them opt for residence teeth whitening are that, they do not have time to spend in dental teeth whitening, fixing appointments with the dentist and visiting the dentist, the other reason could be the cost factor. Any dental teeth whitening would go up to $400, but property teeth whitening would cost you very less.


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