Dr. Armadillo’s tragic demise (?)Sep 27, 2002

(click it to blow it up!)

Sincere thanks to Alesha Oreskovich for being a public figure, thereby allowing me to feature her in a fun series of fan-fave strips.


  1. Alesha says:

    Okay, very cute. I do wish I didn’t get brain swapped with an evil armadillo though.

  2. Our Man Horn says:

    Alesha! So good of you to drop by. I appreciate the comment and your spirit of whimsy.

    (If this is Dr. Armadillo commenting as Alesha — take everything, just please don’t hurt me.)

  3. Shermy says:

    I’m DYING! I love love LOVE that Alesha read this series of strips and took the time to shoot you a note. That’s really pretty cool. How do you think she found this? Did you tell her? Were you and she in kahootz during this strips? Tell her I said hi!! lol


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