SDCCI day four

Oh my heck! Check out the hellaradbitchin’ photos taken today at San Diego Comic-Con International!

Notables: The voice almost went out. I traded a Cool Jerk trucker hat for a Fantastic Four pin (it was a ‘con exclusive by FOX to promo next year’s movie; I missed it the night before when they cracked open the boxes and everyone grabbed ’em). I junked up a few more sketchbooks and sold some shwag. I added a bunch more ‘Jerks to the weekly emailer. Two cool-as-hell sisters from here in SD brought in their well-preserved copies of two infographics I did for “X2” and “Spider-Man 2” for me to autograph (!!). And I was ambushed by the “Poway Posse” a couple more times, and we traded artwork for underwear (follow the “photos” link above)!

A shout out to prestidigitator James Burks, my table buddy to the right, for being swell and a good motivator. He’s got quite the following, and for good reason. Check out his online strip, “Martin’s Misdirection,” and buy some of his stuff!

Well, I’m exhausted and full of bite-size Snickers and juice bags. Darlene and I want to say thanks to everyone who visited the Small Press tables this year! I know there are lots more exciting booths, displays, merchants, events and panel discussions to go to, but it’s great you folks took a few minutes to come by. Remember to check my CafePress shop to get merch that I had on display!

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