SDCCI day three

Sweet jumping prunes! Day three is in the can!

Notables: I autographed a shoe, chatted with the Scotts (McCloud and Kurtz), actaully sold some ‘Jerk merch and signed up dozens more ‘Jerks to the weekly mailer! I was at the table most of the day, but managed to slip away to catch the FOX panels on August’s “Alien vs. Predator” and next year’s “Fantastic Four” movies. No shock to anyone that I’m a huge FF fan. A lot of my concerns were alleviated by what was said. But heck… there’s plenty of room to screw things up, since principal shooting hasn’t even started yet. Darlene and I missed the Masquerade this year but that’s fine because we’re VERY LOUD hecklers. As it is, my voice is gonna be shredded tomorrow.

Thanks to Sean McDade — fellow cartoonist and artist from waaay back (like when Cool Jerk was running in the Reno and Palm Springs newspapers) — for blowing a few hours and dollars over dinner!

Remember to check my CafePress shop to get merch that I have on display at the ‘Con.

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