Cool Jerk vs Brave New World!

Bring your sketchbook and some folding money to Brave New World in Newhall, CA… I’ll be doing an in-person signing there next week, pimping my super-awesome book Hodabeast, Cool Jerk T-shirts and meeting comics fans! It’s true! See me there in the pasty, non-tanned flesh Thursday, Sept. 6, 2007. It’ll be like Comic-Con except A) no cost to get in, and B) it’ll smell nicer! And why Thursday? Well, that’s NEW COMICS DAY, chief (it’s usually every Wednesday but Labor Day will bump shipments to Thursday). The folks at BNW are truly awesome. Their shop was up for an Eisner Award this year (Spirit of Comics Retailing category) and they’ve been loving Cool Jerk long time. So if you’re in a 300-mile radius of the Magic Mountain area, come by!


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