24hr. Comic has something for nearly everybody!

I done did it! 24hr. Comics Day was last weekend and I KICKED ITS ASS! Well, just barely. I pounded out a 24-page comic in 24 consecutive hours, and you can check it out HERE if you like (it’s a .pdf; some browsers will open it directly, others will initiate a download). My gal Darlene kept me going with caffeine, food, minimal distractions, pokes to the ribs and a blog entry that (kinda) documented the whole, sordid event. My hand didn’t even cramp up on me until the last 1/2-hour!

WARNING — Comic contains gore, violence, a couple nipples, a sasquatch, hillbillies, lots of scary images not suitable for sensitive readers and a naked Jeff Goldblum (also not suitable for sensitive readers)!


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