NarratordayJun 26, 2009

(Click it to wedding-size it!)

Introducing… Mrs. The Narrator! (Totally went from memory. What.)


  1. Jay says:

    Beautiful! What I love about Cool Jerk is that this would be a perfect time to get all smarmy and Funky Winkerbean… but instead you made me laugh with the first panel. What a nice tribute to you and the Mrs.! Trying to find your parents, but it looks like a pretty young crowd (meaning: YOUR ages). Awesome, man!

  2. 500 Foot Tall Superclone says:

    Lovely tribute, in true Cool Jerk style!

  3. mark says:

    Happy belated anniversary!! It was a great wedding and the perfect ceremony for two really Cool Jerks, their family and friends. Any Faygo still chilling in the fridge?

  4. ZJSimon says:

    Now I’m thinking about your work and the Dan Clowes work Caricature. A combination of those things is…striking.

  5. Fake Teri Garr says:

    Aw, that’s a lovely tribute strip! Happy anniversary! I kinda expected to see some Cool Jerk cast members in the crowd.

  6. NiteOwl says:

    You guys are awesome! Happy anniversary!!

  7. Happy Anniversary you two!!!! 🙂


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