Nasty Buffet

Nasty BuffetJun 4, 2009

Not necessarily based on a true story, but I did see a Dynasty Buffet in Tustin, CA and wondered if this was a cause of concern.


  1. Buffalo Joe says:

    With all the doggone snow we have gotten lately I am stuck inside, fortunately there is the Internet. Thanks for giving me something funny to read. 🙂

  2. Parker says:

    FYI, your web page looks like crap on Internet Explorer.

  3. You can call me Al says:

    HA! My wife and I always play this game when we drive around at night! There are some really funny ones, like seeing “TARGET” with burned out lights, now saying “ARG.”

  4. Bill Dobie says:

    You’d think panels 2 and 3 were a copy and paste job, but I can see tiny differences. I think.

  5. Dr. Wilmington says:

    HA! Fucking brilliant!

  6. Alprazolam Scrotum Boy says:

    Outstanding comic! Great advice, will take on skateboarders with a sledge hammer!

  7. Juanita Cabb says:


  8. miss restaurant says:

    If I ever open a restaurant, regardless of what I serve, I will call it NASTY BUFFET.

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