Puppy’s bodacious and curvaceous silhouette!Jul 31, 2009

(Click it to Bumpits-size it!)

Only Puppy and her hairdresser knows for sure…!


  1. FinFisher says:

    Whenever I see someone wearing a Bumpits I laugh, and think of this strip! Too funny!

  2. GoCubbies says:

    LOL to Bumpits. Why would anyone intentionally want to look like a “fancy gal” from Nashville?

  3. Cherry Squishie says:

    Christ. BumpIts. Is nothing sacred??

  4. JewTube says:

    Haha! Maybe the only comic to tackle the Bumpits craze!

  5. WendyCon says:

    Bumpits LOL. They sell these at Bed Bath & Beyond. I considered buying a set, just in case of an emergency.

  6. Tuggy says:

    Two words: Jersey Shore.

  7. UnrestFan82 says:

    I love Puppy’s growing paranoia — I kinda want to see her have a cathartic release on Maggot.

  8. we are at war says:

    This made me chuckle for an extended time.


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