“Unleash… the THUNDERDOME!”

“Unleash… the THUNDERDOME!”Apr 9, 2010

Maybe not quite as catchy as “Release the Kraken,” but give it some time. It’ll catch on.


  1. SKleefeld says:

    Please… can’t we get BEYOND THUNDERDOME?

  2. SKleefeld says:

    Heh… Been waiting YEARS to be able to use that! 😀

  3. Our Man Horn says:

    @SKleefeld @Mr.Hoisington: Coming soon — “I AM THE HUMONGOUS!” Maybe.

  4. KeithG says:

    Who run Bartertown?! Who… run… Bartertown?

  5. Rick says:

    “Please… can’t we get BEYOND THUNDERDOME?” Ha! I’m half-expecting Tina Turner to show up. How big is her forehead?

  6. Dean Martin's 10th illegitimate lovechild says:

    Whoa, that’s a whole lot of Reese Witherspoon to look at this early in the morning. Or any time. I like how you’ve come around and touched on the “Reese’s giant forehead” thing from your second book!

  7. Dave to the W says:



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