And he doesn’t mean Molly Hatchet

And he doesn’t mean Molly HatchetJun 18, 2010

There’s already a “Garfield Minus Everything,” which features blank panels. It’s pretty funny. I’m on page 62 of the trade paperback, I think (hard to tell, because they’re all the same).


  1. Let me know, please, when you begin web-publishing “Yuri minus clothing.”

  2. ZJSimon says:

    At least he’s using a mac. Oh, and in a similar vein to GminusG I’d strongly recommend the Neitzche Family Circus.

  3. Neutron John says:

    I like Random Jackball.

  4. Our Man Horn says:

    @Charles: I can’t stop laughing. I’ll see what I can do. @ZJSimon: YES! Also, I lament the passing of Dysfunctional Family Circus from days gone by. @Neutron: Sometimes you have to interact with random Jackballs.

  5. Thuy Tran says:

    Nice to see Puppy in something other than white cargo shorts. Wait a sec, is that the WUAAARGH outfit? Is she in half costume, like Peter Parker wearing his SpiderMan underoos under his work clothes???

  6. Finally! You did it! This is one of my new favorites now.


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