AssWEpay!Jul 2, 2010

What about a comic strip about a comic strip about a comic strip…? That’d be BRILLIANT!!


  1. Jamie Saxton says:

    Or a novel about a novelist! Or a movie about filmmakers! Endless possibilities!
    Feel free to punch me now, Paul 😛

  2. R. Horn says:

    Or perhaps you could do a bit on the one who was the artist of the first comic
    book which, incidentally, was printed on July 7th, 1802.

  3. KeithG says:

    OMG! I had one of those Philip K. Dick moments. Do they know that I’m looking at them, or… are they looking at me? IT’S A NEVER ENDING STORY! Cue the magic dragon and the hopelessly happy theme music.

  4. Unca' Dave says:

    to this day whenever I meet a couple about to bring a wee-little one into this world, I always have to ask them if they will name it Dave or Assweepay. That’s still a one of the all-time classic skits on SNL

  5. ZJSimon says:

    As in “Free WiFi parasite ASS! WE PAY for the internet while you pay for one cup of coffee!?

  6. Terry Derby says:

    Random Jackball’s day in the sun, I see! The distinction of “web comics” versus “newspaper comics” will probably go away when newspapers fall into extinction. Then everything will be known as “comics.” -Terry

  7. Regina Benton says:

    now THAT is an obscure SNL reference…! Nicholas Cage, while not really memorable in that episode, really made me laugh.

  8. Sherilyn Meyer says:

    Hi! I could have sworn I’ve seen this comic before at WonderCon or APE. I’m definitely happy I found it again. And now — back to reading!


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