Yes, lumberjacks. In Spittle Beach. What.

Yes, lumberjacks. In Spittle Beach. What.Aug 6, 2010

Figured I’d save you the fifth panel where Armpit blows lunch like a Rainbird Sprinkler. You’re welcome.


  1. Sam and Porkbun says:

    Wow! I am in awe of Armpit’s hair. Really that’s all I can say. Really.

  2. I feel like I should have seen that comin’…yet, I totally didn’t. Tally another up for you!

  3. Dr. Korndog says:

    Will you include the puking panel as an extra in the next book?

  4. keithg says:

    Double Ha for the running gag. Not many can pull it off. Or should I say not many can pull off three. OHHH SNAP, a challenge!

  5. SlangBanger says:

    You just don’t see action scenes like this in Cathy, do ya??

  6. Uncle Rimshot says:


  7. jim says:

    this is awesome man


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