Help a vet

Help a vetNov 11, 2010

Half-based on the dude that hangs out in front of the local donut shop, and half-based on my brother-in-law’s fianceé.


  1. ZJSimon says:

    Link worked okay. Gotta say though, there’s funny cause it’s true and not funny cause it’s true. My wife just got into grad school, so I’m biased toward the latter. : /

  2. KeithG says:

    I’m making a sign like that in my typography class. I’m applying shoe polish to the inside of a 12 pack of a Budweiser package. Helvetica is a nice choice of font if I do say so myself. Someone said to use Comic-sans to make it “fun.” I punched them.

  3. Alex12 says:

    Holiday jokes FTW!

  4. Debra W. says:

    ah-haha! Hobo jokes FTW!


  5. Hit Girl says:

    I’m kinda half-expecting to see DangerMan in skid row someday…


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