In lieu of mailing cards this month…

I literally broke Photoshop making this. True story.

…here’s a vintage crowd-pleaser from 2008, the last year we did Christmas/Holiday cards before we gave up.

If you’ve received cards in the past, look for a triumphant return of the HornCard™ in early 2011!

(If you want to receive a limited edition 2010 first quarter 2011 holiday card, email me your mailing address before January)

  1. Strata says:

    Try to collecting and trading!

  2. KeithG says:

    I heard about a guy who sent out a holiday card that had him standing in front of a big beautify house full of lights and decorations, standing next to a wife two kids and a dog.

    Sure, it was cheesy and cliche, but the punchline was that if you knew the guy, you’d know that he had never been married or had kids. And more than likely he didn’t own the dog or the house. Also probably asked the husband to take the picture too… Reminds me of a Talking Heads song.


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