Like a Ken doll

Like a Ken dollJan 26, 2011

Aw, poor lil’ nubbin!


  1. KeithG says:

    Ah yes, significant other-sneak attack. It’s more for their benefit than yours.

    There is order, and there is a new world order– “Everything must be smooth, or it WILL be smoothed out for you!”

  2. Our Man Horn says:

    @KeithG: You seem to know of this first-hand. We may need to form a secret gentleman’s club (read: support group) or something.

  3. SKleefeld says:

    Sign me up! Been there! Far too often!

    “I’m helping” my patootie!

  4. KeithG says:

    Yes Mr. Horn, I agree, A Gentleman’s club, who’s member’s skin is as smooth as silk.

  5. Our Man Horn says:

    @SKleefeld: Yeah! Maybe we WANT to see if we can grow a back nipple, but we’ll never know NOW….!

  6. MiraWay says:

    Peels can help to eliminate from of all age amendments of the skin cover.


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