“Special treat” indeed

“Special treat” indeedAug 17, 2011

Tip of the hat to a certain Bloom County strip I’m sure you all remember.


  1. jumpthesnark says:

    Unspeakably horror-larious..

  2. Our Man Horn says:

    @jumpthesnark: You should see what momma poodle looked like. Oh, wait, you have.

  3. ZJSimon says:

    Awesome. Cool too, you. Jerk.

  4. Our Man Horn says:

    @ZJSimon: Cthulhu is a sure-fire crowd pleaser. At least among this crowd.

  5. KeithG says:

    This comes just as I’m reading HP Lovecraft’s The Tomb and other stories.

    “Unspeakable horror that I shall not repeat here…

    Take my word for it, IT”S HORRIBLE. That’s why I didn’t write it.

    No, I’m not being lazy. There were no words to describe it. And no I don’t have a limited vocabulary,

    It was UNSPEAKABLE HORROR, so I will not speak of it… or write of it for fear of someone speaking it. So there. “

  6. Medusa says:

    nice shout out to BB!

  7. DKayes says:

    I immediately caught the Bill the Cat tribute, even before ACK THPT!

  8. Our Man Horn says:

    @KeithG: I confess I know only enough Cthulhu stuff to be dangerous in a conversation.

    @Medusa: Thanks! Loves that Berke Breathed!

    @DKayes: ACK! (hairball)

  9. dalton riser says:

    Wonderful work! You are truly demented, sir.

  10. fake dunks 1034 says:

    Greetings from Florida! I’d like to see Dog-Shoggoth more often. I know you hate drawing pets but damn.


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