Once more, with feelingDec 7, 2011

(Click it to ssshhhhhTHOOM!!-size it!)

Now it can be told: Zeejay is actually long-time reader Zachary Simon, who won the “appear in a Cool Jerk” contest I held a few months ago. REMEMBER THAT? Now that you’ve read this series with Zeejay, don’t you feel lucky you didn’t win??

I should hold another contest: Find me the trailer with the most “shh-THOOM!”s in it. I’m thinking the trailer for “Transformers: Dark of the Moon.” Can anyone beat that?


  1. Darlene says:

    I’m inserting my own sound effect on the bunny shot: SQUEEEEE!!!!

  2. Sam & Porkbun says:

    Sounds like the cool noise shoppers make as they wander aimlessly in search of stuff to shop for.

  3. KeithG says:

    I wonder if “shhhhhhh-THOOM” is the new Don LaFontain.

  4. […] a Cool Jerk strip. Well, Zac has so much “friend equity” with Cool Jerk and has so many peccadilloes that I expanded his cameo into a full-fledged character. Then I blew his head […]

  5. You should of made a scanners reference when his head exploded.


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