Clear!Jan 26, 2012

Just cleaning out my sketchbook of random ideas (this one spurred by a guy I saw walking around WonderCon a couple years ago, but without a defibrillator backpack).


  1. Cory Freeman says:

    Improperly placed defibrillator pads can kill you just as fast as a 14 x 14. He must have Kaiser insurance too. Most modern AEDs have one power button and are fully automated, almost like a Prius. 🙂

  2. KeithG says:

    My friends saying as applied to the 14×14: “It’ll kill you faster than a bullet.”

    My saying as applied to the portable defibrillator: “Awesome!”

  3. R. Horn says:

    I found this especially intriguing as I have one that is implanted. It is true, what Cory said, but it really does a good job when it’s needed, and placed where it belongs, of course! Your message is right on, too, as related to the 14 x 14! Good job…

  4. Our Man Horn says:

    @Charile @KeithG: =:^)

    @Cory: Drawn without any reference material whatsoever! It actually looks more like a proton pack, thanks to WonderCon.

    @R. Horn: Yep.


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