You’re doing it wrong

You’re doing it wrongMar 22, 2012

Had to bust out one of my slang dictionaries for “trollop.” (“Slattern” was too harsh, as was “harlot” and “trull”)


  1. ParaLarry says:

    If NOT for the GUYS then for whom are they for?
    How about SteamPunk Hooters?

  2. zjsimon says:

    Not for the guys= for bros and Harlots?

  3. Alexandria says:

    Steampunk goth lolita tea maid mash-ups could only be made better with some Star Wars or Doctor Who thrown in. 🙂

  4. Lisa says:

    Totally doing it wrong. I’m glad you’re seeing the difference and pointing it out, P.Ho.

  5. Our Man Horn says:

    @ParaLarry @zjsimon @Lisa: Yeahp, it’s totally aimed at the ladyfolk who enjoy being pampered and luxuriating in fine Victorian-era indulgences.

    @Alexandria: Word!


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