Tea, totally (teetotalers?)

Tea, totally (teetotalers?)Mar 1, 2012

Remember that joint?


  1. zjsimon says:

    …really, it’s about time Hooters got some competition. Some Bishonen Baristos wouldn’t hurt either ;D

  2. KeithG says:

    The Tea places that I’ve been to had personality. And by personality I mean it had 3 things:

    1. That girl with the glasses

    2. That guy. (When you see him you’ll know)

    3. A couch that no matter how crowded the place is, no one will risk sitting on it for fear of infestation.

  3. Steamy kawaii…. Wow. This is the first time I have seen that word used in a comic.

  4. Our Man Horn says:

    @zjsimon: Indeed. Stay tuned!

    @KeithG: I’m living vicariously through your teatime adventures!

    @Mr.Hoisington: I invented that word. YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE!


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