First taste is NOT free

First taste is NOT freeSep 28, 2012

Will Maggot sacrifice his/her most-important defensive mechanism FOR A TASTE OF THE GRIND??


  1. Styx Addict says:

    I’ve been calling maggot a he ever since. This makes me wonder if I’ve been wrong all this time. Given his/her age, I suppose he/she could be a girl. Would make reading older comics with maggot pretty weird.

  2. richard.avieri125 says:

    NO WAY you’re gonna divulge this mystery!!

  3. ScanTroll88 says:

    If Maggot’s a girl, then wow. Hasn’t Armpit beaten his (her) ass a buncha times??

  4. Debra W. says:

    But what’s in the grinder???


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