Thumbageddon 2012

Thumbageddon 2012Dec 31, 2012

This strip was penciled and inked with my left hand. What’s the matter, JEALOUS??


  1. R. Horn says:

    So, you are ambidextrous (and you did so without my knowledge!). lol Good job! No, I’m not JEALOUS, but PROUD! You may want to get those hands insured, if you haven’t already… seriously. Thanks for the latest ‘JERK’!


    Mom (& Dad)

  2. Britt says:

    Back in the saddle!! Happy new year, Paul & Darlene!

  3. keithg says:

    What! Left handed! You sir are one talented mofo. I went skiing once… once. And all i came back with was a soggy bottom. Man was not made to traverse the snow and ice upright.

  4. ZJSimon says:

    Take care of yourself, Paul. Happy new year. 🙂

  5. Sam and Pork Bun says:

    Glad to hear you are drawing again. Was wondering how you were doing. Sorry about the ‘Strippers Thumb’. ( I am snickering on the inside!) Really though, take care and looking forward to Cool Jerk. Thanks and Happy New Years!!!

  6. Richard says:

    So, you hurt your thumb, and, and Cool Jerk goes offline; and at the same time Rich Burlew’s thumb gets better and Order of the Stick comes back? You guys got interchangeable parts?

  7. Our Man Horn says:

    Thanks, all… and happy new year back atchya!

  8. Our Man Horn says:

    @Richard: I wish I had a cyborg thumb! It’d be a vicious weapon of destruction.

  9. The Mad Max says:

    Get better soon, Horn san!

  10. yesky45 says:

    OUCH! That sucks!! Hope 2013 is a better year!

  11. Debra W. says:

    *patiently waiting for new Cool Jerk comics…* Get better soon, PH!

  12. Greta von Slappy says:

    Hey! I just saw you Funny Valentine comics! Are those new? Is your robot thumb working now??

  13. Our Man Horn says:

    @everyone since Jan. 8: Thanks for the well-wishes! The cyborg implant seems to be working just well enough to let me ink up more comics!


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