League of Extraordinary Appetites (where to eat at Comic-Con)

Wanna know where to eat at (or before) Comic-Con? Here’s a hint: ANYWHERE but the convention center!

Darlene’s roundup of her 10 best bets for a hearty breakfast and/or lunch — without bludgeoning your budget — can be found here! We’ve been doing this for a few years now (I say “we” because I do the maps) and we’ve talked with many a conventioneer who have taken these suggestions to heart and thanked Darlene personally.

So check the link and bookmark it for convenience. Your stomach and wallet will thank you for it!

  1. Elwood E. says:

    Great choices! I think Ralphs will get my money every day, all things considered. I remember lines being crazy long last year at most downtown restaurants.

  2. That one guy in costume at comic-con says:

    Lolita’s. ‘Nuff said. —Stan Lee

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