You know what’s a total drag? The DMV.

You know what’s a total drag? The DMV.Aug 16, 2013

Based on an allegedly true tale (i.e. a friend of a friend did this). This gag’s been kicking around in my sketchbook since the mid-1990s.


  1. CBurton29 says:

    What totally makes this are Puppy’s earrings.

  2. Steverino says:

    That’s a darling handbag.

  3. Total b00b says:

    At the DMV here in Palm Springs they won’t even let you wear glasses, let alone cross-dress.

  4. Our Man Horn says:

    @CBurton29: It was weird to draw Puppy without ’em. I don’t remember ever doing that!

    @Steverino: Puppy knows her accessories.

    @Total b00b: Same here in San Diego; not sure about the cross-dressing part. My license renewal is coming up, tho.


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