We’ve been planning this all year

We’ve been planning this all yearOct 31, 2013

The question remains: what do Goths dress up as for Halloween…?


  1. Steverino says:

    >spittake< I wasn't sure what I was looking at!

  2. Rubin Z. Alvarado says:

    Ha ha ha! Their new look is really off-putting. I’ve gotten quite used to seeing my favorite coven of Goth honeys. 🙂

  3. Flying Erasehead says:

    I think there’s more to this story. I want to see them interacting with their creepy Goth brethren (?) and experiencing things non-ghouls do (like fro-yo).

  4. Quijibo Soltaire says:

    I know under those sunny exteriors beat the dark hearts I’ve grown to adore. Not a permanent change, right…???


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