I want to guard your life

I want to guard your lifeFeb 4, 2014

Floater, sinker… how about a “bobber?”


  1. Lyman says:

    Got your email newsletter (thanks for adding me!) and I have a question: Have you ever considered creating an e-book? I’m kinda addicted to my Kindle. Oh, and I look forward to whatever you have planned for your characters. I wonder who’s going away — I bet Maggot’s unnamed friend….

  2. JaySin says:

    I’m kinda in love with Seashelly in panel 4.

  3. Steverino says:

    You know how you like to have one “sweet spot” per strip? I can’t decide which panel is the sweetest! I like the establishing shot in the first panel, but the binoculars shot in #3 is pretty awesome, too.

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