Was this trip really necessary?Nov 4, 2016

(Click it to rapidly and dangerously deminiaturize it!)

Well, at least she took off her boots. BECAUSE OTHERWISE THAT WOULD PROBABLY REALLY HURT.


  1. Carly says:

    Fantastic! Am I seeing a Raquel Welch-shaped skin flute? Because GOOD LORD.

  2. JaySin says:


  3. (((Jamie))) says:

    oh god— that last panel. TOTALLY worth the wait for that. And congratulations on NEVER getting syndicated! 🙂

  4. Keith Garcia says:

    Ahhhh! It’s like a vacuum sealed turkey.

  5. Kailin says:

    Picked up your business card at SDCC or WonderCon last year. Decided to swing by. I’ll echo what others have said– good lord, man. LOL!

  6. Shannon MCMLXXX says:

    I need a smoke after that. (Can’t stop laughing. Seriously. It’s been weeks.)


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