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Bird with a wing down

Last week I did some major damage to my right deltoid (no doubt from pumping my fist in the air and giving high-fives during the inauguration), and that meant I could hardly use the computer, much less hold a pencil and brush. So that’s why Cool Jerk is a bit off schedule.

To tide you over, I’d like to steer you to an interview by the gentleman Marc Mason of The Comics Waiting Room. I met Marc several years ago at San Diego Comic-Con, back when I was selling Cool Jerk mini-comics for a buck a pop. After buying a few copies and reading them, he emailed me and offered a suggestion: “Publish a REAL Cool Jerk book, Horn!”


So head on over and check out his site. Bookmark it. Add it to your Google Reader. Follow him on Twitter. All that good stuff.

And once my arm is above 50% I’ll get those new strips up and running.

‘To this day, COOL JERK remains my favorite web comic’

“Closing out the week: Paul Horn brings my all-time favorite web comic to trade paperback. Check out what makes COOL JERK so damned much fun. Trust me.”

Marc Mason is a comics reviewer who spends as much time (probably more) eyeballing independent/alternative comics as the mainstream stuff… and he’s done a write-up of my Cool Jerk anthology Hodabeast here! He’s got a LOT of other reviews on his site so be sure to bookmark his main page: and/or subscribe to his blog feed:

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