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And after all… you’re my Wonder, uh, Con

WonderCon! Cool Jerk will be chillin’ in San Francisco’s Moscone Center South this coming Friday through Sunday, March 2-4, 2007. It’s true, these things I say! I’ll be in the Artists’ Alley, surrounded by creative freaks, cartooning miscreants and their ilk. If you’re in a 1,000-mile radius of the Bay Area, swing by and say “Hi!” More importantly, drop some coin on some reasonably priced Cool Jerk merchandise, including Happy Happy Funbags, T-shirts of many varieties, Cool Jerk button 5-packs, ashcan collections, Puppy Fizgig Post-It Notes and other lovely schwag!

Plus, be among the first to see the pre-press proof of the first-ever Cool Jerk book, “Hodabeast!” It’s 144 pages of comic goodness! And (unless I get hosed by UPS) the first-ever Armpit Beachhead action figure! Holy cats!

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