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And after all… you’re my Wonder, uh, Con

WonderCon! Cool Jerk will be chillin’ in San Francisco’s Moscone Center South this coming Friday through Sunday, March 2-4, 2007. It’s true, these things I say! I’ll be in the Artists’ Alley, surrounded by creative freaks, cartooning miscreants and their ilk. If you’re in a 1,000-mile radius of the Bay Area, swing by and say “Hi!” More importantly, drop some coin on some reasonably priced Cool Jerk merchandise, including Happy Happy Funbags, T-shirts of many varieties, Cool Jerk button 5-packs, ashcan collections, Puppy Fizgig Post-It Notes and other lovely schwag!

Plus, be among the first to see the pre-press proof of the first-ever Cool Jerk book, “Hodabeast!” It’s 144 pages of comic goodness! And (unless I get hosed by UPS) the first-ever Armpit Beachhead action figure! Holy cats!

Cool Jerk to conquer Phoenix!

This Saturday and Sunday (Sept. 23 & 24) I’ll be in lovely Phoenix, tabling at the Cactus Comicon! For more info on the show, go HERE!

Kind of short notice, I know, but I figure that A) if you’re already going to the ‘Con, then you’re already going to the ‘Con, and B) I’m probably not going to be the deal-maker in getting you to the ‘Con. But hey — if you’re within a couple-hour drive of Phoenix this weekend, do go to the show and swing by the Small Press Area/Artists’ Alley. I understand we’ll be outside of the main exhibit hall where we won’t embarrass the other pros and dealers. i.e. the parking lot in 110-degree heat.

Come on by and buy my wares, like the official Cool Jerk Happy Happy Funbags, T-shirts, button packs, and other zany crap. Undoubtedly, Arizona will be the next toehold in Cool Jerk’s inevitable conquering of the world!

Where to get your official Happy Happy Funbags!

All ashamed that everyone else on your block has nice Funbags and you don’t? Buck up, little trooper! Here are the places to get your hands on some Funbags here in sunny SoCal:

* House of Secrets (1930 W. Olive Ave., Burbank; 818.562.1900)
* Southern California Comics (8280 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. #124, San Diego; 858.715.8669)
* Amazing Al’s (600 F St. #E, Chula Vista; 619.498.0445)
* Meltdown (7522 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood; 323.851.7223)

What’s a Funbag, you may ask all sheepish-like? Well, it’s a polyethylene party-pack containing a limited-edition Cool Jerk ashcan with scores o’ comic strips, a sheet of uncut vinyl Cool Jerk stickers, a couple collectible Cool Jerk character cards (they look almost exactly like business cards), an exclusive Cool Jerk air freshener and an original character sketch by yours truly… all for a mere $4! Wotta deal! Go get one NOW!

Guess who’s going APE?

That’d be me… going to the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco. I’ll be “tabling” there, which is insider-speak meaning “standing behind a table for two days brainwashing the masses with Cool Jerk propaganda.” I’m going to be beta-testing a new product — the Happy Happy Funbag — so if you’re in the area (i.e. the U.S., Canada, Mexico or any of the Pacific islands) on April 8 and/or April 9, and have a need to check out non-mainstream comics creators and their creations… do swing by and be a test subject! Event info:

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