Doc Splatter vs San Diego Comic-Con International!

San Diego Comic-Con International is this week (July 23-26, plus Wednesday the 22nd if you have a four-day pass) and IT SOLD OUT! If you’re one of the lucky quarter-million who’ll be there, here’s the skinny:

• Debuting at SDCCI: my THIRD Cool Jerk collected edition Doc Splatter Ominous Omnibus! This book, if I may be so bold, is easily the best $8 you’ll spend at my table! It’s true! 60 pages chock full of EVERY SINGLE Doc Splatter comic strip (1988-2006), plus commentary, sketches, photos, video(!), karaoke(?!?), fashion tips, an anal-retentive index and more!

• Of course I’ll have plenty of copies of Hodabeast (Cool Jerk Vol. 1) and Chickadoowa (Cool Jerk Vol. 2)! Each compilation contains hundreds of strips and lots of extras, like sketches, outtakes, director’s commentary and an index! Each book is $12 or both for $20!

• I’ll also be debuting a brand-new Cool Jerk T-shirt! It’s probably my favorite design so far (it was Darlene’s idea). It comes in a myriad of sizes, in both crew neck and ladies’ tanktops. $15!

• Didn’t get the 24-Hour Comic starring Doc Splatter? last year? I’ll have a few of those, plus stickers, button packs, window decals and other Cool Jerk goods you can’t possibly live without!

• Want a cool freebee? I’ll have new Yuri Tomato character card (fourth in an ongoing series!) and a special somethin’ somethin’ for everyone who buys a Doc Splatter Ominous Omnibus — AN AXE IN THE HEAD! Joke. No, a different freebee.

• If you’ve been to my table before, good news! Team Cool Jerk is in the exact same spot we’ve been since 2003! It has a new look, which should draw peoples’ attentions from across the convention center! And speaking of, here’s a little map I whipped up while you were getting the mail.

• As always, I’m more than happy to junk up your sketchbook with some awesome pencil-and-ink action! Donations to the HornCo Fund are appreciated, of course. =:^)

If you can’t tell, I’m really excited about this year’s ‘Con. I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

  1. Big Ol Teek says:

    I remember Doc Splatter from UNR days, like 20 years ago! There hasn’t been as many splatter movies since he went into hiding. Coincidence?


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