Direct from the Sunshine State…!

Direct from the Sunshine State…!Dec 12, 2000

By this point, the wheels were coming right off the cart.


  1. maximum ted says:

    Of all of Playboy’s playmates (well, OK, in the last 20-25 years), why Alesha Oreskovich? Wouldn’t Jenny McCarthy be better joke fodder?

  2. Nebraska's Favorite Son Bernie Whitman says:

    Wow, Alesha Oreskovich?? That’s a pretty obscure and deep dive there. (Of course I know who she is because DAMN.) Respect.

  3. Nebraska's Favorite Son Bernie Whitman says:

    (continued from earlier — Do you know if she’s ever read these strips? I’d think she’d probably have a good sense of humor about things like this.)

  4. Dani Mac Hobbitface says:

    Amazing that Google led me here. These are great. PLEASE tell me you’ve met her and collaborated on these!


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