SDCCI ’05 photo recap!

My veal pen for 2005. T-Shirts, collectible business cards, buttons, stickers, sampler books, hats, Jones soda and a thong. Even MORE crap for all!

David Poller, yours truly and Jason Childs at the table.

If Gotham’s defenders are here… who’s protecting the city?

I guess that leaves Batgirl, whose shift begins in an hour.

And here’s the movie version of Nightwing.

Two candy-powered ‘Jerk fans, Kim the Cat and Ian.

The source of the aforementioned candy. He looks more like Elton John than Johnny Depp, tho.

“How much do you like Cool Jerk?” “THIS much!”
Other days they were dressed as Hulk and She-Hulk, Flash (below) and Catwoman, two members of the Green Lantern Corps and Vision and Scarlet Witch.
The dude was commando. Swear.

Sweet Jesus. This guy makes Jack Nicholson look like an old woman. And (seriously) he’s a Cool Jerk subscriber!

The ass of the Fastest Man Alive! (this one’s for all the ladies)

The Sentinel of Liberty better not skimp on the relish.

Another Black Canary, Catwoman, Batman (in back) and Harley Quinn.

Doc Splatter’s colleague, straight from London — Shawn (of the Dead)!

Hey, zombie! Watch out for Shawn!!

Spider-Man nemesis Electro! The fingertips really shot electricity, I think.

Dark Phoenix stopped by to annihilate the hemisphere.

Jack Black was hangin’ around, talking smack and promoting “King Kong.”

Gene Simmons looking skeezier than ever.

One of the best costumes at the ‘Con…

…and one of the worst (hint: Dr. Doom doesn’t have “dirty pillows”).

Another celeb. I always dug his song “Rock You Like a Hurricane.”

Scarlet Witch and Vision. Homeboy’s mask was too high so you can see his chin bulging out of the costume’s neck… among other bulges.

He’s got a Question for you: what’s the matter with the dude over his right shoulder?!?

“So, what’re you gonna wear to the ‘Con today?”
“Oh, I was thinking my denim short-shorts, striped leggings and my Sidewinder missile bra.”

She’s actually quite shy, I’m told.

  1. Janky Fett says:

    I think I’m in love with the first Catwoman. Purrr…! Mrow!


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