SDCCI ’06 photo recap!

Here’s where I camped for five days of Comic-Con International. On Saturday I wheeled out the heavy artillery: the extend-o-matic Cool Jerk banner in the background (now visible from 1/4 mile away), and the “ASK ME ABOUT MY FUNBAGS” t-shirt. A lot of people did ask me about my funbags. Others just stared at my funbags. I even let some people gently touch my funbags.

Supergirl, Robin, Batman and Batgirl stopped by to administer some justice.

I don’t know why Hawkgirl and Poison Ivy joined the Dynamic Duo… but I’d let Batgirl slap the Batcuffs on me any day.

And speaking of Batgirl, meet Yvonne Craig! She’s adorable and was really tolerant of folks like me coming by and posing for photos with her. Woof!

Just as adorable is this sketch of my gal Darlene by Arthur Baltazar, the artist of Patrick the Wolf Boy.

Ming the Merciless, Martian Girl and Barbarella popped by the concession area for some pretzels.

Meet Jen Prescott. um… I guess she’s dressed as Robin and her stuffed tiger is wearing a Batman mask. And Charlos Gary, close personal friend and cartoonist (“Working it Out”)

Wonder Woman about three seconds from kicking my ass.

Kirk Alyn-style Superman and Green Lantern (the dude dressed as GL is a pro; last year he was Flash, Hulk, Electro, Vision and Mr. Fantastic. I also saw him as Angel this year).

My neighbor to the right, Phil Foglio. Name sound familiar? It’d better; Holmes has probably been doing the indy comics thing since before you were born!

Mystique, as she should’ve looked in the movie. Anyone in Hollywood who says “costumes in the comics just won’t translate to the silver screen” needs to come to SDCCI.

Beast…. or maybe he shoud be called “Sweaty Yeti.” OK, Hollywood doesn’t need to see this guy; they did fine with Kelsey Grammer’s makeup.

Brandon Routh should’ve been wearing hornrim glasses and a fedora with a PRESS sign tucked into the band.

Power Girl. Woof. With Martian Girl and Mystique, among the best costumes at Comic-Con this year (at least that I saw).

Woof. Once again. I have no idea who they are or where they came from… but their FREAKING MOUTHS MOVED WHEN THEY TALKED!

Catwoman checking to see if the photo made her butt look too big.

Meet Zachary Simon. And meet Armpit Beachhead (hair courtesy of Photoshop). And did you see Charlos Gary a few photos back? Say hello to Manhattan. I’m holding open auditions for Puppy Fizgig, by the way. I’m dead serious. Must be a Cool Jerk fan. E-mail me.

Jonathan Solomon — a long-time ‘Jerk addict — handed me his sketchbook and said, “Can you draw me a sexy Velma? You know, from Scooby-Doo?” I had 5 minutes to spare, so voila!

She’s a Supergirl, all right. She had all the poses down pat. Last year she was Hawkgirl.

This will be somebody’s birthday gift in 2007, methinks. Me heart Adam Hughes (the artist whose designs this sculpture is based on).

Again, the Puppy thong was a sure-fire crowd-pleaser. Say hello to Camilla d’Errico, a brand-new ‘Jerk and FREAKING INCREDIBLE ARTIST! She should have gone through the brainwashing and mind-control chip implantation by now….

Half of the “Poway Posse” — Nathan Pierce, Joseph & Ben DiAnna — dropped off another monetary memento. Remember a couple years back when they trashed that Five Spot? Well, at least they’re using foreign currency nowadays. Thanks, guys!

  1. The Wanderer says:

    No better place on earth for people-watching!

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